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Fine Jewelry for Man

14K Gold    925 Silver   

Durability   Versatility  Upgrade


The genuine joy of life is hidden in every  moment of our existence in this world. One can easily live a joyful and happy life,  especially when we do yachting.  There are times when the smog of a winter metropolis,  multiplied by own thoughts and problems,  overwhelms, and one forgets how to live a joyful,  happy, juicy life full of drive.  Luckily enough,  there is always that great bracelet,  that supports us in such moments,  reminding us that we have the sea and the yachts in our life, reminding us that we are spunky men.


Each bracelet is the halyard upgraded with one or several clasps. It is so funny to play with it, creating your unique piece of jewelry.


ESYA Bracelet is embodied spunky spirit. ESYA is a piece of yacht that's always with you. ESYA is a drop of the sea that's always with you. May these sea knots always be with you. ​


I never seen my husband so happy, when I present him Yacht-Master Bracelet. The best gift ever.

Sara T. (Miami, FL)

My favorite toy definitely. Very easy to upgrade. Now I know what to ask Santa ;)

Jasse Conor (Karlsbad, CA)

I feel proud when I wear this bracelet, as everyone see now that I have sailing boat.

Brandon A. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)