Looking to buy the Franchise?

ESYA will fill your life with eternal joy and wealth.

Franchise by ESYA Jewelry is not just a business cooperation, but also your hobby and exalted lifestyle.

Franchise by ESYA Jewelry is the noble way of doing wealth for you and your next generations.

If you have the required resources to develop a business with ESYA Jewelry, we would offer you a comprehensive business development model.

This includes interior and product display solutions, social media influencers and fashion bloggers support, marketing budget for promotional events and much more.

Brief Details:

Required locations: Yacht marinas, popular beaches, 4-5* Hotels, Shopping Malls

Investment total in 5 Years : 250.000 Euro

Annual Income: 150.000 Euro

Annual Costs (Including jewelry collections): 100.000 Euro

ROI 5 years : 200%

Profitability : 20% per year

Volatility: Very low

Personnel demanded: 3 people

Minimal space: 30m2

For more details please contact ESYA Jewelry Franchise Development Department : franchise@esyajewelry.com

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