Once upon a time, there was a young beautiful lady, who was in love with the sea and yachts from when she was a baby. Unfortunately, she was born and has been living all her life in a cold northern country. One day she was lucky to travel to a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. The young lady had a lot of free time to enjoy her favourite things - the sea, the summer, the sun, the light breeze and live a careless life, so common for southern regions. She adored yachts so much that she always carried a symbolic piece of a yacht as a visual sign of her love. Her wearable yacht pieces included several bracelets made from colourful, vivid sailing strings. Even when visiting distant places, those bracelets were a reminder of her happy southern life near the seaside.

One night she was strolling along a seaside yacht club…

A young man really liked the sea and yachts since his childhood. He was born and grew up in a place, where the sun was always shining and people were always happy and smiling. While he was growing up, he decided to become a sailor.  This way the sea became a part of his life, and he became a part of the sea. In fact, he loved yachts even more than the sea. Yachts became his main reason for living. One day he was participating in a sailing race and he reached a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. In the evening he was walking along a promenade of a yacht club, when suddenly he saw a beautiful lady with colourful bracelets on her wrist. Those bracelets were made from incredibly familiar sailing strings, and thanks to her pure white dress, she resembled an astonishing white yacht floating on the breeze waves of the evening. The young man simply fell in love right away. 

That day they met each other once and forever. Soon they got married, and now they are a happy family with three adorable kids. Today, and after many years of a happy life, they keep on getting inspired by each other through the yachts, the sea, and the summer. This couple applies all their passion and inspiration to serve people by creating the unique ESYA jewellery.

ESYA today is the symbol of the best moments in life, the symbol of summer holidays, joy, and happiness, and is filled with positive energy, passion and love.

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